Kerchin Frozen Beef Backbone
Unit: 1kg
Kerchin Frozen Minced Beef
Unit: 500g/pc
El Gaucho Frozen Beef Cube
Unit: 500g
El Gaucho Frozen Beef Patties
Unit: 280g
Out of stock
Tyson Frozen Angus Beef Patties, 3pcs
Unit: 390g
Out of stock
Flender Australian Grass-Fed Beef Striploin Steak M3+
Unit: 200g
¥79.00 ¥95.00
Out of stock
JBS Australia Frozen Bone In Beef Grain Fed Tomahawk Rib
Unit: 1.3kg~1.5kg
¥329.00 ¥399.00
Frozen Beef Marrow Bone
Unit: 1kg
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